Faith and Patience

Faith and Patience

Faith can move mountains.

There is a saying: Faith can move mountains. This has been demonstrated in history by several leaders. When I say leaders, I mean the true leaders of history who have proven through examples, actions and deeds.

If you smile at someone, you will receive return smile! 🙂 If you talk in a humorous way, people smile or laugh. All of these are qualities – we can practice, adapt or adopt to make our life better.

Everything depends on how you receive and react to it. This is the law of nature.

How much faith can move mountains?

The faith concept has been proven through several people in history throughout different demonstrations. We can always look at examples — like Helen Keller who was blind, but became a famous author through her faith in herself and God. People still talk about her, even today. There are many handicapped people who have made history. Two modern examples are: Stephen Hawking and Nick Vujicic. Another example is Wilma Rudolph who had polio, but made it in the history books of athletes. She could have given up, even though she had many issues, but stayed focused and made it to the Olympics through strong faith and determination.

Faith in yourself is utmost important. There is a saying from Alexander Pope: “Presume God not to scan, know thyself”. First try to understand yourself, please do not question whether God exists or not. Even though I know, God does exist and his is inside everyone’s heart and soul! Most importantly, having faith and confidence in yourself is going to change the way you do things.

All the above thoughts are also proven through psychosomatic science. When we have good thoughts, smiles and positive outlooks, the numbers of nerves and cells working is limited and makes our life easier. This is similar to Isaac Newton’s Law of Third Motion: whatever you do – you get back. If you send a positive signal, you get back a positive signal.

Faith: A Personal Example

When I was young growing up in India, (I am talking way back in 1984 to 1989! As you can see, I am really old now!) I took an advertisement from the “The Hindu” newspaper in Tamil Nadu, India and posted it on the wall – where I could see it in the morning every day.

The ad stated: “Can a BA compete with a BTech”? The answer was yes, of course.

Yes, it did happen. Every day when I woke up in the morning, I stared at the Aptech advertisement. In India, if you are having Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, people think you have the lowest degree, but if you have a doctor’s or engineering degree they consider it very valuable. They think you will remain like this forever … that you can never grow to a higher level or status. This is what people thought about me! Even kin will say, “You are useless!” “You do not have a proper degree or anything you can accomplish.”

I always wanted to come to the United States and prove them wrong. I wanted to become a Computer Software Engineer, which can only be obtained by having an Engineering Degree. I used to watch ABC news in US consulate in Madras and always saw Oracle in the Bay area. I wanted to walk in Silicon Valley.

Guess what? All of these things came true! They truly happened! If I did not have the belief, patience and trust in myself, this would not have happened!

Faith: More Examples

In India, we had a drought and were severely affected in the 1980s. People would constantly pray to Nature to bless us with rain. After just one week of prayer, we were able to get rain! I experienced this first hand! I was a part of this experience! I’ve seen what faith can do!

Faith has proven again through the law of nature. Impossible becomes possible through strong faith, devotion, trust in God and in you.

After turning 50, they say humans cannot do anything. After I turned 50, I had the time of my life. I was able to take part in the Charleston Comedy Theater 99 Competition, was part of the Sparian Bowl Monday night by Mr. Entertainment and the Jonas Mount Radio Show in Charleston as a stand-up comedian! They say I always bring people smiles and happiness.

You can have great faith at any age. My inspiration always comes from Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa. These people are immortal in my opinion and people still look to them today as great examples! Sheer faith and patience has changed the world.

Confidence is another way of having faith. Having faith and confidence are interlinked.

Keep you moving forward. Do not sit idle. Keep having faith. Faith in you can change the world through your strong work ethic and determination. Success will truly follow.

Written by: Sridhar Rangaswamy

Date: June 19, 2014

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