Yes, I’m a Student and a Teacher

Yes, I’m a Student and a Teacher

You never know what you’ll get back.

career-development-workshop-webI attended a Career Development Workshop yesterday (November 30, 2016) at the New Horizons Training Center in Orlando, FL. I am always looking for ways to further my education, stay up-to-date on technology/social trends, as well as network and meet other like-minded individuals. I thought this would be a great opportunity and wanted to take advantage…

… and I got a surprise in return. The (awesome) organizer Mrs. Lisa Manzi, invited me on stage to be a guest speaker! Wow! I taught about 20 to 30 minutes or so about my experience and success with LinkedIn, how it works, the advantages, tips on optimizing your profile and much more!

I had no idea this would happen and was not prepared to teach, but I want to thank her for the opportunity. It was truly an honor. I love learning from others, as well as giving back to the community any way I can.

Yes, everyone’s goals are different, but we are all on a journey. Never be afraid to help others, to spread knowledge and to help others learn from your experiences. You never know what you will get back.

Thanks again Lisa!

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