It can make you happy too.

When I was young, I really loved to make new friends. Little things made me happy. I always thought that if something made me happy, it could make other people happy too.

One school day, a new member joined our class. From the very first day, everyone teased him guy because of certain things. I began to notice the guy sit in the corner of the class all alone, every single day. I thought: he must feel really lonely. No one would talk to him.

One day, I saw him crying and on his way to the principal’s office to leave school. I followed him and asked the reason why he wanted to leave the school. “Why are you crying?”

Then he began to tell me how other class members were treating him and how sad he feels. I felt so bad. Why didn’t I become friends with him before? Why did this day have to come in my life? I felt like dying deep inside.

Then I asked him if I can be his friend. I hugged him and showed him to the canteen to have snacks together. During that half an hour, I asked him about his hobbies and good qualities. He told me he is really good in math and he loves to play basketball He had won many sports awards!

After having snacks, I took his hand in mine and went inside the class. The moment I went inside, having his hand in mine, everyone started staring at me. I was a very popular guy in the class and everyone was shocked that I was his friend. I didn’t care.

I proceeded to introduce him to my friends and told them what a nice guy he is. I told them he is excellent in math and about his basketball skills. Everyone was happy to have a talented guy in the class.

Everyone started talking to him and soon, he became apple of the class. He helped students with math and taught them about basketball. All was well.

One day, the same guy came to me and said thanks. He told me if I hadn’t asked him for friendship and boosted his confidence, he was going to leave school and perhaps commit suicide. Now he is so thankful to have such an amazing class fellows around him.

Written by: Sridhar Rangaswamy
Date: January 9, 2016

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